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    Tournaments whom servers compete in 3 phases for glory

    STAGE 1: Resource phase

    Servers compete against each other to gather the most resource points. Basic resources only apply to keep it simple. Stone/wood/clay/aloe each worth a set point value per unit based on difficulty.

    The server with the highest resource value at the end of this phase is rewarded something small

    STAGE 2: Crafting phase

    The second phase of the tournament where servers now use these resources to craft new gears and supplies in preparation for the final stage.

    Servers receive points based on crafts like resources and the winning server is the one with the highest craft point value. A reward is given to the victorious server.

    STAGE 3: Combat Phase

    Servers have prepared for this day where a temporary portal unlocks for 3 days. Players must craft a teleportation potion to use this portal. 1 consumes every use. Players can fight competing servers and gather points based on kills. Different level brackets will reward point values respective to strength. When a player is killed in another server they respawn back in there home server and must make additional teleportation potions to jump again.

    This phase is more complicated in which the point system requires both attack and defense. Servers all start with 10K kill points they must protect. killing on enemy servers will add points to your servers total but also destroy half the point value of the kill on the enemy server. The same goes for all servers so even if your doing great on assault, if no one is defending your server you can still lose. Once a servers points reach 0 they are eliminated. The tournament ends either when all servers but 1 are eliminated or the 3 day time limit runs out, in this case the winner is decided by the most kill points

    The winning server of the combat phase is deemed the ruling server and the the highest level player on this server is emperor and can now issue unique perks onto his people.

    One server buff will be selected by the emperor and can be influenced by the server as a whole of course via voting. Only one can be chosen. perks could be like 20% additional resource yield, defense or attack bonuses etc. This buff will effect everyone on the server until they lose their title.

    The emperor can also give a small combat related perk to up to 5 players on this server. kinda like like a royal army to prepare for the next tournament. The emperor gets 10% attack and defense bonus.

    This is pretty rough but the general idea. 3 pahses total and everything leading up in sequence to a war phase. This encourages servers growth while keeping things competitive. People wont be as compelled to hurt their own server as they need to be in top shape to compete with other servers.

    To avoid alt abuse and to keep things safe for new players. players under level 60 cant compete in stage 3 and will have an immunity shield on them so other players from other servers cant attack them.

    This will happen once a month allowing other servers to have a chance to steal the title from the former victors but also enough in between time for a cooldown period and a chance to enjoy the new perks that come with being the empire server.


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    I like the idea, +100 for anything crosserver

    I believe that the all the players of the winning server should get the same rewards. The emperor should only choose the global buff, and not extra buffs for the royal army (also not getting extra buff himself).


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    LOL you play to much FFXV:A new Empire: Phase 3 is just is breakdown of server battles that go on in that game LOL


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    actually took a lot of the idea from game of war haha. cross server battles but not kingdoms or troops. Twisted mechanics a little n u got a version with similar logic in mystera :D. think it would be great


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    +1 hope to see this tournament!


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    Good idea. Random chests with tools and items littered around the map would be pretty cool
    (Nothing fancy, just picks, daggers, axes, materials, ect.)

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