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    Well said Kailyn. It’s not a true sandbox if players can do such.

    I think the simplest solution here is some form of Mallard & Archangel’s input. It’s quite brilliant actually.

    One workaround to that however is using an alt to build in Wellington, and never turning PvP on that alt. Ergo one can use his main to raid and store items safely in his alts Welly base.

    Mallards idea of any items on a person who had PvP on cannot pass into Welly might work, not sure how that would work coding wise. Sounds horrendous lol.

    Any other ideas to combat using non PvP alts?


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    It’s easy to say “remove non-pvp areas” when you’re not solo player, and have friend to play and protect or harm newb or weaker players(in level or number).
    Once in brazilian server one said “wolf cave safe is bad”, when I went to wolf cave, it’s totally empty…
    I saw the person didn’t want to make a pvp zone, but a zone to him and his friends to dominate trought power abuse.
    We in Brazil server, lost many players because of power abuse…and everyone who tried to complain about “all pvp” were only who had friends and power abuse capacity.

    Let’s think about us higher levels, and about a low level too!
    In MMORPG’s we always see pvp and pve zones…it’s true that this one is a sandbox, but also is a mmorpg. Most of “all pvp zones” games works, because they reset all acounts monthly, so this is a real pvp server justice.

    Now you, who have a strong guild and base, that started to play 1-3 years ago, vote for “all pvp” , you need to stop being selfish.


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    I also agree with mallards idea although alts could be a work around to that. At one point a update said no more than 3 accounts would be allowed per ip but players still have 20 alts and mallaards idea may stop gear but all the mats and stuff could still be there so i would think a non pvp server would be a better idea only because ppl wouldnt be abble to work around it. As for new player or solo players needing wellington i agree they need something but wellington isnt a safe place for players nearly as much as its a home to trolls.


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    Something like what Mallard said would be good.
    Also a few other ideas –

    -Make global chat inaccessible from Wellington, or give Wellington its own global chat. Trolls shouldn’t be able to spam the chat with endless trash talk b/c they know they are untouchable and no one can do anything about it.

    -Reduce the Wellington skill cap a lot. If Wellington is intended to help retain new players there’s no reason for the skill cap to be as high as 80. Level 80 skills is way, way past the point of being a new player. Skill cap should be like 30 or something for Wellington.


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    +1 Wellington should begone and there should be nopvp servers, wellington is place where all trolls goes. of there would be nopvp server all trolls would be there


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    I’m finding more and more players are training, chilling, farming, killing, and raiding in Galebrook. Then going back to their bases in Wellington.
    There is too much cross contamination.

    Also an idea for the use of Non-PvP alts I mentioned earlier, is making it IP Address dependant. Still some flaws with that but only other solution I see is to segregate PvP and Non-PvP into seperate servers.


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    I dont care abaut wellington Just let players live in it if they want -1


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    The problem isnt the people living in it, its the high levels who just use it to store everything in an invincible safe haven.

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