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    After 5 or 6 days I decided to quit. I made two reincarnations and 50+ lvl. While some of You may say, that it still may be too soon to give fair opinion …. I will tell You why it is enough.

    Be me. After 18 lvl earned in Newbie Willage go to safe town of Wellington. But, after a day (maybe two) You decided that Wellington isn’t a place friendly for newbies – whatever others may say. Why?
    – Building Your home costs Myst (needed for reincarnation and getting stronger in general),
    – repairing Ur home costs Myst,
    – digging for water costs myst,
    – destroying Your home… guess what… – costs myst! (So when You try to move, You are being forced to do it from scratch).
    – I didnt pay enough attention to see if repairing items also has a cost.

    Anyway, as a newbie You can kill weaker monsters only (Myst can be earned only by killing mobs), and the weaker mob is, less myst You get.
    So while You have very little myst, it gets taken from You non stop. – Awesome idea mr. Dev!

    Then You move to a non-safe town, so that You could have a fair chance (not lowered by games mechanics) to grow. Then, while You collect resources (to craft better items or buy them from others – 20 gold for a lowest skill, 25-45 for an armor You can wear, which will have good bonus or so – while a newbie can’t make it in a few hours, it takes days), Your poorly (if at all) protected house will have its walls broken (Your construction skill is low, so walls have lower HP) in a matter of hour (much less if two or more players cooperate – as hammers have 3 squares range, so 3 players can hit one spot at once), and items stolen.

    Those two (at last) players wont have use of Your iron (at best) items with barely any bonus. And wont get rich with all the 30+ gold You had after 5 days.

    Conclusion: On newbie town You are doomed by developer in a non newbie town by over a YEAR old players, who are waaay stronger then You.

    PS. I got killed a few times by old players (even tho I was staying away from market), 1st time at about lvl 20, when I tried to go to desert. Each single time I was laughed at, and once cursed at (when asked him what is the point of attacking someone who has no value for him – when over 100 lvl kills lvl 20-30 – nor can fight back).
    PPS. Those players aint raiding each other as some have homes at the market place (one of those two), others houses or rather bases are guarded very well.
    PPPS. I saw one of those players saying that “soo much less ppl are playing nowadays” – guess why!?
    PPPPS. I guess they raided newbies, because guard at market wont allow them to rampage murder low levels.



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    It is a pvp game; and if you want to deter those from raiding you in gale then build towers, it wont stop them but most players wont go through the trouble. You are warned it costs myst to build there in newbievill and can probably see people complaining about it in global chat, you do NOT have to start out in wellington, you can easily just go to galebrook and build there, odds are that a nub aint gonna get robbed; why? Cause you aint got squat. and when you do get stuff ( good stuff), log with it on you ( not in a bed if possible/low base def) or put it on an alternative account. In addition to all that, upgrade your walls from wood to stone, it helps alot. I know you probably already left the game but it never hurts to ask what you can do to fix what people are doing to you, some of it can be dettered.


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    U r right I quit, but out of curiosity decided to check this post, thanks for answering.

    I did know, it was a PVP and I did know that building in Wellington has a cost, what I didn’t know was, how important myst is (that You can not reincarnate unless Your skill mastery matches Your highest skill.
    So if one lvls just with farming (using myst on this) and fishing, then he/she will get stuck at lvl 60. The only way to grow in this game is by killing mobs. And all guides I saw, saying that I can chop trees, farm, fish are false. So maxing hunting, armor, weapon of choice, and maybe exploration is the very best way to start, unless You want to struggle with each reincarnation, like with 1st one.

    Back to topic.

    I just find it weird that old players whine that less and less ppl play, while they do everyting they can to take all the pleasure newbie can have from him/her – if You want to keep the server (whole game, from what Ahnna wrote) for those 10-15 old players, then good (altho dev will probably choose to rather close it – that’s why serenity and guard came out), but why whine that less ppl play?

    What is the point of setting stores by them with some Noble jackets +2+3R or sth., when You wont let newbie collect gold to buy it and old players will not be interested it it?

    What is the point of closing wast part of town between walls (after some time all the rocks and trees will spawn in those placed) when You are not using it (I know You don’t have to as You will just ride newbies for resources).

    Serenity should work different way IMO, as You enter Wellington You could be getting a fixed amout of serenity from start, lets say 3-5 hours. And while it is active You could not attack others (use skills like dash), nor be attacked (just add some sign beside a name, similar to that skull for infamy – green leaf maybe? Then remove myst cost from Wellington.

    PS. Aint it a bit unfair that old player [that’s You Sirrius (or Sirrus)] hides his home at the market, while going in to raid 5-6 days old noobs? – that is an apogeum of A-holeness.
    PPS. From what I red here and on Wiki, old players had it easier when they started (not only because there was no treat or few high destruction players riding You in 30 minutes – while You went to mine -I had a few arrow towers but only 200 arrows each… and not 20 of those towers). Items didn’t have lvl req. (Steel from lvl 0), there was no myst (so lvling whatever U wanted was fine).
    PPPS. Is it legal to sell Ur acc here? I saw a few pll saying openly at market that they sold their accs? – dont bother answering, I will not see it.


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    If you are struggling with myst while in Wellington, just move to Galebrook until you get a little bit stronger.


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    dear, steel had a requirement when it came out as far as ik, the old players your talking about must be mystera legends or something; most servers dont approve of noob raiding or killing so you literally just might want to switch servers if eu is giving you that hard of a time. If you want to do something about Sirrus lvl up and get your skills up to take him, and yea that must be some rrreeeeaaallllyyyy old players you have been talking to because myst has been around for a long time, almost all players that play right now ( including the people on your server) havent been around for that so we all know the pain of having to get myst to lvl up. Also if there was no myst requirement that would make it even easier for trolls to use it.


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    When a newbie quit is a loss for everyone, but trolls/pk/raiders seems prefer an abandoned and empty world.


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    It’s not really hard to get myst for Wellington, I use my lvl 5 alt to myst farm in Snake pit and stayed there around 30 minutes to kill snakes and I usually end up with 1k myst which is good enough for me to live in Wellington for quite time. My myst repair usually cost 1 myst since it’s just an alt and takes long for my base to decay as well so overall living in Wellington is not a bad idea and not myst consuming considering using a newly made alt


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    If i ever build in wellington it would just be a 1×1 or 2×2. second, with the new update the longer you sit in wellington while online, the less myst everything costs. just an fyi.


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    I kind of agree Wellington does need to change though. I’ve never tried to build in Wellington, because of the myst cost. I think the myst cost should have a severe reduction to it to where building is only a small inconvenience. It would also be a good idea to have Myst reduction based on Serenity levels. It was said how can someone grow if you are farming myst to level, repair and build – when you are new it is horrendously difficult. The learning curve in this game is tremendous and yes there are guides/information out there, but most people don’t read (not to insult), but we are generation youtube now. I google information on videos to show me (I personally learn the best by seeing, not reading) and most of them are useless information or outdated. Do I care your on level 300 UW killing stuff? No, show me videos on how to cook, smelt, understanding the different benefits of skills. Show me how to descend UW, how to survive, item requirements – better understanding of the mechanics. The wiki/guide on website are decent for information, but as you can see no one who starts wants to start a game by reading 18 pages. Quick tutorials would be better. Cooking. UW. Myst. Etc.


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    There are videos showing that though… And for those who havent figured it put yet, the myst cost is used to encourage plays to go to galebrook and discourage those who want to abuse welly (hasnt really worked but he tried)


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    I’m sorry to hear about your poor Mystera experience, NonCoolName. Perhaps if you had a cooler name, higher levels wouldn’t kill you?
    Wellington is such a mess. It’s not a place for Newbies, you’re right OP. It’s a place for people looking to avoid PvP.

    @ahnna It’s not a PvP game. It’s a sandbox game.

    Anyways, if you had fun for the week you played, you shouldn’t give up now. Those no-life [removed by mod] who killed you were able to bully you because of how many hours they’ve sunk into the game. It’s unfortunate, but if you were able to compete with those players after only 5-6 days of play I think we can both agree that’d be a bit ridiculous.

    @xhawk777tfh 1×1 Epic build Pog


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    Or experience use2, and join eunri1 tribe. Once you get stronger can move and experience everything by your own.
    Make your own tribe. Rule your own tribe. Enjoy gale Brook. No need to spend myst in Wellington.



    사랑 Tribe welcomes almost everyone!!!


    Many ex tribe member made their own tribe now, tho their alt still stay in 사랑 tribe. You know what I mean. I hope. We will take care of each other.

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