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    Hello everyone!

    I’m here to inform everyone of the current server-wide project that is being undertaken in the SEA server as well as the current state of SEA for any new joiners over the next few days.

    To start with, I’ll explain what Project SEA is! At the moment a number of server players have come together to redesign/restructure the SEA Galebrook map completely. How are we redesigning it you might wonder?

    Here’s how:

    – We’re converting almost all of Galebrook into one giant deep water ocean

    – The town based around the main road on the west side of the map is being converted into SEA’s first port side city!

    – We’re creating port cities and docks along the southern, northern, and eastern border as well that will be expanded on over time

    – Bridges are going to be built connecting the four port side cities

    – Every tribe or current player housing is having their location built as an island on the map that they will effectively own and be able to name themselves

    – We’re building minor abandoned islands around the map where resources will cluster and new players will be able to build

    – At each port side city we’ll be opening up raft shops to help players get around easier and reach any island not reachable by the bridges!

    – We will also be creating a map for people to use that will list all the major locations and islands on the map, every player owned island will be able to opt into naming their island and having it included on the map

    – There will be a public SEA vote held on what each of the port towns will be named as well as the ocean itself

    As you can probably tell this is an extremely ambitious undertaking that the SEA server is making. In lieu of that we, as a server, have come together to agree on a few things:

    – During the undertaking of Project SEA, SEA server is currently under a server-wide ceasefire so that people can help out in the project without the worry of death

    – Any violators of the ceasefire are KOS within the server and likely to be raided

    That’s all the information I have for you guys currently on our project! I’m estimating, at our current rate of progress that much of construction work will be completed within the next two days.

    Anyone interested in helping out can swing by the server and ask broadcast chat for the location of the current digging zone! All you really need is a shovel and some food.

    And if you have any questions regarding this massive project, you can reach out to me for anymore information on the project or post them here in the forums. Alternatively we are also using the unofficial Mystera Legacy discord to communicate and show our progress as we go along! You can reach that via this link


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    -_- guess I’ll start making a living selling rafts

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