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    Lvl 48 Europe
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    i have a question, when might poison be introduced? also an idea that in castle it talks about nectar. i would love too see different types of nectar, also i think dopples need a buff killing your own dopple is REALLY EASY so maybe if it had the ability too use one of your weapons,shield,armor,ect it would be more challenging. just a thought 😀


    Lvl 169 USTexas
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    If you were to give dooples a weapon or whatever to make them stronger what would happen when a high level person turns dooples into themselves and doesnt kill them, but leaves them to kill other players. I have been told mine are a pain in the butt so I try not to leave mine around so they wont kill players that may have issues with it.

    How would you feel if you were to die to someones doople that is 3 times the level as you?


    Lvl 48 Europe
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    ya but could it aleast have buff i feel like fighting your own is way too ez maybe implament a thing where if your not around for a certain period of time it shape shifts back into a reg dopple and into other players.


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    when u’ll meet dopplers with inti IV and fbV in deep uw, u will want them to be nerfed 😀 plus they boost up nightmares and heal whole rooms with high level HR.
    they are good like they are 😛


    Lvl 57 USWest
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    Yeah i know from experience dopples w intimidate in any deep uw situation is almost insta death. I dont use intimidate if i go uw now because of it. Dopples vs you has pvp effect while if you were to use intimidate it would have the pve effect. In my opinion dopples are just fine. I like uw as it is now if dopples were stronger the balances would not be fair for anyone thats jus my personal opinion though.


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    Hi! This would be too op, i letted a clone of myself in castle by mistake and it killed one of your tribe mate akaitu, so imagine with a weapon…


    Lvl 49 USTexas
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    i agree with the general idea, dopples need no buffs…..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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