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    Hey my names Artytester and i play on USW and a few days ago me and some other players thought it would be amazing if there was a Daylight Cycle implemented into the game , like where every 10-15 minutes it would go from day to sunset to nighttime and repeat every 10-15 minutes , my question is ( and I understand the Devs are busy ) will this ever be a thing in the game ? one of my main things for asking this is I noticed that the towers seem to have 2 little torches on every tower, maybe those could like light up a 5×5 area around the tower and maybe add a torch that players can place in their bases to light it up?


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    I think a night / day idea is really cool and to be able to add torches and see light / dark shaded areas .

    I think every 10-15 mins might be a little too rapid ? But some kind of timer on it would work if it was paced correctly. Would be enjoyable


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    +1 but I agree 10-15 minutes is too fast lol

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    ok maybe every 30 minutes to an hour? and night would last that long as well?


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    +1 to the day and night also agree 15 minutes too short

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    minecraft lol


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    Thought about this feature too. But as in the game mentionned just above, make the night time more dangerous with maybe mobs harder spawning only at night.. Without them beiing overpowered so noobs can escape and more advanced players could still farm during night but needing them to not be naked while going out..


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    I like my naked moonlit romps though 🙁

    Starlight feels good on my fur


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    +1 but day should be 2/3 of an hour and day should be 1/3 and also i think the mobs that come put should just be the mobs that u find on the floor lvl under galebrook

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