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    Hello. I would like to see new floors, walls (just like some uw levels looks like). So far there is only 2 types of walls and 3 of floors. That’s not enough. What abaut obsidian floors? Or clay walls? Second is decorations. All i see at this moment is animal gates, table, chair and bushes. Not so much, right? It really makes me feel sad when i can’t make my house looking cool enough. I bored of all this stone boxes with towers. Allways the same.


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    Totally agree.


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    Maybe not Obsidian floors, but Marble floors made out of stone and ores or something would be cool.
    I also don’t think there should be clay walls since they are already required to build stone walls.
    I think wood and stone walls are good enough to keep the game balanced.

    Decorations are a cool idea, though not a priority. I’d much rather have a new boss or some new gear over a couple decoration items.


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    +1, although I kinda agree with Srush and would prefer more tangible adds.

    But maybe jus the ability to recolor floors and walls using gems or dyes would be enough to set things apart.

    And obsidian walls could be great.


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    Decor patch will probably follow the patch with the new castle area, so if you guys have any other suggestions for it feel free to leave them here 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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