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    So I’ve been wondering if there are any decent must farming spots besides snowtop. It hasn’t been very PvP friendly up there and I’d like some tips on that. I know the cemetery is a thing too, but Souize kills me around that area when I’m spotted :3


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    The Wolf Cave area is non-pvp and not terrible once you learn where the dire wolves are, I’d suggest that you don’t take your best gear until you figure out the map though

    I *think* parts of snake pit might be non-pvp, and all of Wellington is (though the worst monsters there are slimes and skeletons and it might get old fast). Depending on whether the UW is heavily travelled on your server you might have good odds of not being found down there as well.


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    The Uw is heavily traveled pretty often


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    You could try South Sands ducky, not many ppl PvP there on west really


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    I recommend just farming stp when everyone or mostly everyone who wants to murderlize you is offline, or just farm wolf cave. Have never found anyone above level 40 in uw so thats a good spot to farm myst too.


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    myst grinding on ground is pain in the ass, even in iw 50 u get way more myst than ground lvls, but u can try cata, u can easily run to royal tomb (nopvp) if anyone come to kill u. its not that easy to die in royal tomb if u wont run to sk.


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    I advise the wolf cave, just learn the correct way

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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