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    Hi, new player here. My character had 1630 movement speed with the trait “alert” right when I started playing. I then died because I was afk in Newbie Village. My movement is now 1515. Does dying bring movement speed down or does dying and re spawning just give random stats? Also my exploration was 6 when I died and is still 6. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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    Your movement speed is increased by exploration, humming runes, the ‘fast’ trait, or certain ground tiles.
    Your movement speed is decreased by the weight of the items you are carrying, your armor while in combat, and certain ground tiles.

    Heavy armor -100 (in combat)
    Medium armor -50 (in combat)

    Exploration +3 (per level)
    Humming +8 (per rune)

    Road Tile +150
    Gravel Road +100
    Floor Tiles +50
    Nature Tile +0
    Shallow Water -200


    Lvl 5 USTexas
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    Thank you for the information. I have another question then. How come my movement speed was 1615 with 5 exploration then once I left Newbie Village it went down to 1515? Do you lose 100 movement speed at level 10 or something?


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    When you first checked your speed you were probably standing on a gravel road (+100) and then a grass tile (+0) the second time you checked.

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