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    Hey guys. First of all, thanks for the dev’s, this game is awesome. I started last sunday, and i saw that this game is very unknown. Very few ppl know Mystera Legacy, there is really few content about the game on the web, when you search for the game on the youtube also there is few content.

    My suggestion is: the Admin team could make a youtube channel with a few clips, showing what the game has to offer (construction, pvp, underworld hunts, etc).. Iam sure that if ppl know this game they will play. There is a big market share for oldschool games, ppl like me that grew up playing SNES, games like Chrono Trigger, Legend of Mana, Legend of Zelda, etc…

    This game is so nice, i dont get it how it is not crowded already. Iam sure that if u guys spend a little bit of more effort on marketing, more new players will come to populate the game!

    Edit: we as players can also help, iam thinking about record some videos playing to show up to the community of my country (Brazil). Maybe i can also make a site in portuguese about the game, like a wiki, so it can have infos about the game and stuff… anyway, if you have ideias too, post here and lets do it! This game is awesome and i believe that with the right marketing actions we can show the game to more ppl!

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    Hi Wankzzor, glad you like the game! You’re right we need marketing more than anything. Some players share the game by telling their friends or posting on other sites and that helps for a while. The dev (JVH) has been planning some bigger releases by the end of the year that should bring in more players. I like your idea of making videos and the Portuguese site, we’d love to see anything you make ^_^

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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