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    2:24pm Eastern (USA); used Knitting Needles to knit a Friar’s Robe, but it never appeared in my inventory.


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    If your inventory was full it may have appeared on the ground, perhaps check your surroundings? If you were on tile it’d be there still (unless someone has access to that area, then maybe ask around)


    Lvl 28 USEast2
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    My inventory wasn’t full, and it didn’t fall on the ground. That said, is there a chance of using up yarn but *not* succeeding in knitting something? If so, that would make sense. If not, it’s probably still a bug. 😛


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    using up yarn happens when you select the piece and then press knit. Then you still have to hold down action until you get a success. For Friar’s Robe you would need to not fail at 5 checks in a row. That will not work on your first try but you will get xp and eventually it will always get made.

    I have not yet knitted a piece and not received and I have knitted several items already.


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    You can fail a knitting which sho2s no chat message I was confused asf when that happened to me the first time I knitted spent 10mins logging and looking for my yarn lol. Now I feel dumb

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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