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    New skill ideas:

    New items-crushed gem dust,wands/staff/sceptre,Crystal dust

    mechanics-spell power or sp (gained from magic lvls), with mage weapon equipped consumes different gem dust as ammo to cast different spells, maybe elemental resistances

    gem dust elements/effects suggestions:
    (maybe a system similar to flint with repair kits to upgrade cast to multi e.g crystal dust mined from crystals)
    Amethyst-poison:poison target/radius around target (increase poison dmg with sp)
    Aquamarine-cleanse:remove a debuff from target/targets (increase number of debuffs removed per 10/20 sp)
    Citrine-thunder:dmg target/radius around target (dmg or maybe increase radius per x sp)
    Emerald-healing:heal target/radius around target (increase heal with sp)
    Garnet-fire:wizards fireball target/dragons fire in line (increase dmg with sp)
    Peridot-haste:increase move speed of target/radius around target (increase movement bonus with sp)
    Ruby-blood:drain target/radius around target to heal caster (increase% of dmg converted to heal with sp)
    Sapphire-water:slow target/radous around target (increase duration with sp)
    Topaz-earth:Increase def of target/radius around target (increase def with sp)
    Quartz-ice:Dmg and chance to slow target/radius around target could use ice elemental attack assets (increase slow chance with sp)

    Potential synergies with other skills:
    smelting-add gem dust to pot when smelting metals to make magic infused ingots
    knitting-add gem dust to bucket of water then add yarn for magic infused yarn
    Farming-add topaz dust(earth) to soil to increase yield

    i tried to think of materials and effect that where already in the game to cut down on potential workload the gem dust/crystal dust could be re-coloured dirt

    New items-mortar and pestle,sand,glass vial,clay mould

    Mechanics:put potion ingredients into clay bowl then heat on fire when ready interact with empty vials in inventory to make potions, higher alchemy lvls fill more vials.

    Potential synergies with other skills:
    magic-crushed gem dust could be used in potion brewing adding the gems effect
    digging-dig in desert for sand to make glass vials
    smelting-put sand in clay bowl and heat on fire to melt, interact with mould in inventory to make vials
    farming- more uses for farming produce

    as there are already a few potions they could be added to alchemy as well as the new poisons

    i believe the introduction of these skills would allow for more varied group play allowing people to take on a more supportive role if they wish, also increasing the options and utility available to the player could allow for more interesting and unique pve encounters.


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    Yes finally someone brings up magic in the game and I like to say it’s a good idea to magic and magic items in the game


    Lvl 5 USEast
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    And would give them items to choose people in this game use magic we use swords clubs maces and even the bowner but never magic which is why the devs should add it to the game

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