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    Ok. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about wellington and serenity and the mall cop ETC, so I too the time to compile a list of things I think would greatly help the game. Personally i really enjoy this game and hope to see it prosper.

    1. Make wellington a zone where if you have pvp off, you cant be attacked. Don’t just make it completely green zone. This will still serve its primary purpose of giving noobs a place to start, as most new players wont have pvp on, and if they do they are most likely not new.

    2. Keep the no entering wellington with infamy and make it so you can’t toggle /pvp in combat

    3. Add an overall kill counter. Like dust, this will stay between deaths and once a player has accumulated 5 kills they will get a warning saying they are halfway to being kicked from wellington. at 10 prevent them from entering. also Ban that players IP from entering. I know this can be bypassed but it will work most of the time.

    4. Change the mall cop to be damage based on your kill counter.

    5. Make a silver tribe relic called a team relic. works like a tribe relic but allows you to form team. you would be able to promote players /team promote kick, /team kickleave /team leave, invite
    /team invite and do /team list. also give it a special chat that only appears when you are in a team. Finally have it auto kick any members that log off. Not fall asleep but fully log off. if they are in a bed have them be kicked after 1 min time.

    6. More hairstyles. And make them realistic please.

    7. Oh one more on wellington, make mystcost based on player lv and kill count.

    This is just a note, but this game was developed as a pvp game, and as I have learned to accept, random pk happens.

    Thanks for reading my message 🙂 -Hawk


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    Make it to the team relic ( if implemented, I personally just want /party invite with the same commands) only costs about 1-10 silver. please and ty


    Lvl 105 USEast
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    +1 for Welli part, ban ip and other stuff u post here are the right way.


    Lvl 50 Sudamérica
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    +1 to the hairstyle. Bring us more looks ! and the silver team relic that is a cool idea 👍


    Lvl 69 USTexas
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    +1 Especially to number 1 and 6. Also maybe add more tier weapons (example = Mithril Pickaxe, Alumunium Sword, etc)


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    Ya really really need to fix raiding now. I went to go raid a pker and my healer had 14.4K imfa (max) before the first tower was draind. thats so stupid. it needs to be capped like the hammer smacker. and ideally less for healers so they can get exp still like 50 seconds or sumthin.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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