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    I don’t think any of these topics are at the top of the to-do list, but they impact my gameplay enough that I’d like to know if there’s the potential for any of them to be adjusted in the near-ish future/next couple months.

    Reduction in iron crafting requirements/Increase in charcoal availability?

    The iron costs for materials are kind of high.

    Daggers: 9 bronze, 40 iron.
    Spears: 12 bronze, 60 iron.
    Pickaxes: 20 bronze, 60 iron.
    Axes: 20 bronze, 80 iron.
    Swords: 20 bronze, 100 iron.
    Shields: 40 bronze, 120 iron.
    Maces: –, 140 iron.
    Medium Armor: 50-60 bronze, 180 iron.
    Heavy Armor: 80 bronze, 225 iron.

    Granted there is a difference in materials acquisition: smelting cassiterite, malachite, tin, and copper has the chance of returning x1.5 the materials, capping (from memory) somewhere around 52-54 smelting. This means optimally each cassiterite and malachite is worth 1.125 bronze, while iron smelting (per 10 charcoal) ranges from 5 iron (at level 0) to 45 (at level 100). But even at 100 smelting this means iron heavy armor requires 50 charcoal as a base ingredient, and significantly more at lower levels (up to 450 at level 0). Now for sure, nobody should be smelting iron at that low a level, but even at the plateau range of 40-60 you’re looking at 76-107 charcoal for 225 iron.

    I recently allocated 3750 charcoal-worth of iron into making iron heavy armors when my smelting was in the mid-60s, enough for 11,250 iron (50 heavy armors). Combined with the current crafting chances at 100 crafting, I only received two moderately okay pieces of armor, and I’m not sure either is good enough for anyone to actually buy. Next I tried making shields, and stopped when it took 27 crafts (3,240 iron) to make one +3. It had no runes, and the +2s were also unremarkable. This is presently a tremendously tremendous expense at very long odds.

    So before I burnt any more iron I was wondering if there might be plans to reduce the amount of iron required for items in the future, or if charcoal may become more prevalent. Procuring the necessary quantities of iron (or the amounts of charcoal required to smelt all of it) is a considerable bottleneck, so I’d be interested to know if this might be significantly adjusted on either the supply side (charcoal availability) or demand side (iron requirements per item), or both.

    Crafting rates at level 100: might they be improved?

    Yesterday I crafted and documented 1000 grass bands for science:

      (Statistics note: The listed percentages for ancient, glowing, humming, radiant, and stained are the chance for an item to have that rune, not the chance for a rune to be of that type. This means the 50.1% chance for an item to be runed is already included in those percentages. I’m sorry if this is somewhat unclear, I did it this way to maintain consistency with the other test from July shown below.)

    As a crafter this has been a harrowing experience. A 8.9% chance for a +3 with a 50.1% chance for a rune with a 22.25% chance for a +(3) is a total chance of 0.99% (for one craft, not even a +(4)!). Allowing +2s raises that baseline chance to 11.1% (still not even talking about +(4)s yet), which means you’re looking at 45 crafts average to get one +(3) of each rune, although you’ll need a much larger sample size for it to begin evening out. And that percentage plummets to 3.3% for +(4)s, and 1.6% for +(5)s.

    So let’s say I would like to craft two A5 accessories, in that case I’d be looking at approximately 417 crafts (assuming my luck breaks even with probability). And if luck’s against you who knows, it took at least that many tries to get one pair of A5 knitting needles when I tried; thankfully they’re about as cheap as an item can get to craft; fishing for iron plate armors would quickly become astronomical.

    All of which is still significantly under knitting rates (test from July):

    Not only does knitting have a much nicer rate of +3s, and a much nicer rate at runes, but also incredibly higher rates of higher quality runes. I’m literally selling people Sweat Catchers and Bowman’s Scarves right now to use as combat accessories over Warrior Signets and Stout Bands, and those crafts take literal gold! So I wanted to draw some attention to this, and maybe find out if there were plans to adjust the crafting rates to be more viable.

    (PS: Knitting itself has also been temporarily cramped by recent difficulties in wool farming, but I understand that’s presently a work in process and is going to be improved in an upcoming patch, so my focus right now is on crafting.)

    Could we consider enchants adding skill levels past 100?

    Obtaining large quantities of gems for enchants is ostensibly ML’s endgame grind, except the level 100 hardcap on skills means the higher your skills are the less use you have for enchants. As you level up they literally become less valuable to you, to the point of eventual total uselessness. This seems starkly counterproductive when we could have an endgame investment in making awesome sets of gear for ourselves which maintain their usefulness and value, and reaching the higher character levels required to equip them. Presently the more powerful you get, the less character levels you require, because enchanting your combat gear for skills becomes no longer necessary, reducing the level requirement for your strongest gear set. It’s a little odd.

    Would there be any sort of significant problem with allowing players to reach level 150 in skills via enchants, or 155 with enchants + food buffs? That’s presuming anyone would actually put 50K gems into a single set, but 5K gems for a +35 set would still be very viable for many endgame players to work for and find satisfaction in I think. It’s kind of a negative feeling to close in on a skill cap, and with every new level watching enchants you put a lot of work into becoming increasingly worthless.


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    I agree across the board but would particularly like to push for the last point. It offers up a much more interesting endgame as we have to become much more involved in the crafting aspect of gaining skill points by necessity.


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    Thanks for putting this info together. When I get a chance I’ll definitely make some adjustments.


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    Thanks for putting this info together. When I get a chance I’ll definitely make some adjustments.

    Thanks for your time! 🙂


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    I love it when Seryn floods the game with the good stuff, makes it easier for me to stick it to those power hungry high levels.

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