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    Lvl 53 USEast
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    is harrassing a bannable case im getting bullied harased and trolled over and over by a guy for a stupid reason the game becoming unplayable because of that


    Lvl 5 USEast2
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    In most cases no. Just /ignore him a far as the messages go.


    Lvl 53 USEast
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    Isn’t message anymore he fb me push me make me stuck into fire troll I cant really do anything but hide when hes on cuz he keep kill me in ms no one even care…


    Lvl 85 USEast
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    this is why we don’t play use


    Lvl 108 USWest
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    It’s not that people don’t care, it’s that if he is killing you in pvp zones like ms, he is playing the game. Some players like to farm, some like to uw, some like pvp.
    Try talking to him to fix the problem. If talking doesn’t work, train heavy/mace/sb/assassin and enchant your gears so you can defend yourself in pvp.
    If he is harassing you by making fires, avoid dallying at Crossroads. Mine obsidian and collect feathers, then make a base in gale. When he tries to harass you in gale, you can fight him next to your base protected by your towers.
    I don’t go to pvp zones when pvp players are online either.


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    /report (player) Vote to mute a bothersome person from global chat for a few hours. Ignores also count as votes.

    what we can do for now,,,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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