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    Does anyone like the guard cause I dont what are the beds in market square there for if u can only sleep in them without infamy or be safe in ur house


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    I personally all beef aside with you love the guard. It puts high lvls and PvP players such as myself in check. To many people were ran off by high lvls killing noobs in ms then hiding in ms house. Next thing dev needs to do is fix it to were these high lvls can’t lock trick people (mostly noobs). Ive seen people just sit outside newbie village and make tons of new players quit by tricking them with locks.


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    It kind of throws the balance of PvP/PvE towards PvE and it feels a bit weird the Guard is probably the most powerful creature besides bosses and high level Chaos. Maybe adjust it so there’s more, weaker guards so that it’s more like a deterrent than a boss.


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    Guard doesn’t throw the balance of pvp/pve towards pve. It divides it and makes pvp a choice. No one should be forced to play against their likes. MS is meant to be a place for trade. Now with guard, its easier to go buy stuff there. And its not a boss. A few high lvl players can easily kill it.


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    I personally don’t like the guard either, the fountains and towers were enough of an deterrent already there is no need for more. The guard just feels out of place. It’s like if you’re fighting someone and they just hug the guard. In my opinion remove it.


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    I have a better idea! Instead removing the guard why don’t we just add 3 more guards so we can get 4 guards at MS. Ba dum tsss..


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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