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    Off the top of my head, firstly when using archery if you are just far enough away ice elemental stay frozen and just take damage. Sometimes other npcs too. This is a common tactic players use.

    I was training with wooden spear switched to repair hammer to repair the spear , I was two spaces away repairing my spear. Never seen before.

    At southern pass players can become invincible if they do some sort of trick by waiting at the exit and then leaving and re entering .


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    More to come as I think of and find.


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    The first one, if I’m correct, is not so much a bug as it is people are standing outside of the elementals agro range. Specifically the bow can shoot farther than the elemental can effectively see its target so it will not agro on you because technically it cannot see as far as you can shoot.

    The second one is most likely a lag in the system. I have seen it before where it appears my character is standing in one spot and the action is happening a few spaces away. The second you move it’s like the game catches up and you are where you should have been.


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    The southern pass one is not a bug dasquick just kills everyone he sees and attempted to kill me but southern pass has no pvp and i keep my pvp off so when he attempted to freeze me and club me in market i hopped into southern pass and starting attacking back since he had gained well deserved infamy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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