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    Lvl 59 USEast
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    Maybe with enough paper, feathers (as pens), dye (ink), and a book, you could make a copy? Perhaps even with enough research skill you have a slight chance of producing a higher level book.


    Lvl 47 USTexas
    Polar Bear
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    +1 but make another skill only for this thing (probably writing)


    Lvl 140 USTexas
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    +1 very low success chance tho 😛


    Lvl 80 USEast
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    +1 “Scribe” skill


    Lvl 234 USWest2
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    Absolutely not. If you want research grind books n learn the skill. If it becomes easy then its just lame and books will devalue huge.


    Lvl 136 USEast
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    Agreed, with high research lvl, books can be learn easily and will have a lot of usage before learning it again


    Lvl 46 USEast2
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    I like the idea of a writing skill, however you should ONLY be able to copy level 1 books. Nothing higher. It wouldn’t devalue the system. The economy is already inflated. I can go to numerous shops and see over 50+ books for sale from the pros of mystera. They dive to level 200 UW or kill skelly king and farm books, the prices are dropping even on underpopulated servers. I don’t think being able to copy tier 1 books would be bad. Heck, add a small chance the book gets destroyed in the process and the higher level writing, the better chance of success vs failure.
    Level 1 Writing – 5% Success, 10% Failure, 85% nothing. Like Knitting.
    Level 100 Writing – 99% Success, 1% failure.


    Lvl 85 SEAsia
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    Welp in dat case gotta farm feathers dye/ink n start wasting time hoping for a ww1 book XD

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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