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    Made a few changes which are now live:

    -Pets can occasionally be hit (and poisoned) by the Serpent Mother’s basic attack
    -Shell now works to defend from the Serpent Mother’s toxic gas
    -Chaos now ignore bows to avoid getting stuck holding one
    -Chaos no longer get stuck hitting rocks forever
    -Knocking someone out of a duel wont give infamy on safe maps

    I also wanted to give a warning that botting will soon be against the game rules. Thanks to the bot detection systems I added last week we will finally be able to police it more effectively.

    For now all cases will still be reviewed by a person when a player is flagged or reported. Punishments will be light to start (possibly timed suspensions). Main accounts may be affected in the case of alts botting. This may or may not apply to simpler macros. If it enables you to level or collect resources with little to no human interaction over long periods of time then it would be safest to disable it to avoid being flagged.

    This should help level the playing field for legitimate play. Some game mechanics may be adjusted and improved as a result.

    Building off of this system should allow for some better player moderation tools. A popular request is reducing chat abuse, for example. We are still looking into possible adjustments for Wellington as well.

    The official rule updates will most likely be posted sometime this week so make sure your scripts are disabled as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who sends in reports and suggestions, and for supporting the game! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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