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    Yea, thats what the title said, and you all know what I am talking about :v

    Seriously, sometimes that gets VERY confusing, even more when people use custom colors that are veeeery similar to tribe chat, death messages, pms, ETC… (sometimes on purpose, just for trolling purposes xD)

    OK, what I want to suggest with that post is one very simple change that may or may not fix that little issue:
    Just make the custom colors appear only on the character names, and keep all the written messages with a specific color related to the type of message (local, tribe, global, etc)

    Something like that (shitty edit warning!)

    Thats all, cya.

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    also seemed like a fun time to shout Taste the Rainbow…


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    Roger that. Seems a Zippy fix but could be Bungle-d.
    I have no pun for George 🙂


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    Or just add a separate chat tab for system messages. Like most MMO’s these days.

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    That won’t address their impact in general chat though.

    The point of system announcements is for them to be seen so whilst having a tab to view just those is fine, having it as a separate one defeats the point, meaning the OP still has a valid idea to be supported.

    If you’re opposed to the colour change though then a prefix either for the various chats or before player names is another option.


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    I like the prefix option. I wouldn’t want to devalue supporter but I hate when people use tribe chat color and then I have to figure out if we recruited someone while I was sleeping or something.


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    It does get annoying.. lol


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    Even something as simple as 2 tilde would help differentiate.

    They could still be coloured too, although personally I think I’d prefer them have a standardized display.

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    The thing is that the red text are the same color to the death messages…. -_-


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    +1 to the original idea, character name different, message default.


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