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    So, pretty new to the game, however, definitely enjoying myself. Although, I did want to toss out a suggestion in regards to the buildings and such.

    So, with the current housing system, everything looks very…gated; like it’s just a gate around a little patch of land and that’s it. What would be awesome to see would be something similar to the shop in Newbie Village; actual walls and a roof that would become transparent when you actually enter the building, that way people can’t be snoopin’ at your belongings right outside to determine whether it’s a good idea to rob ya or not.

    Additionally, could use this to implement a floor system for multistory houses and the like, sort of like the underground, however, not sure how you could do that above ground without a loading transition.

    Though, yeah, just wanted to toss that out there to make everything look more…dunno, village-like and such instead of just gated patches.


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    Its a rather simple game in its execution and it all depends on the developers compentence to achieve this. I do agree with you, the current design is rather minimalistic.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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