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    So we all know you get bonus exp when you have a + to a skill. But when your skill approaches 100 do you loose the bonus exp? So for example you have +20 mining on your pick you get the bonus exp of all the +20 which is 100%. So when when you hit level 81 and you now only have the +19 to mining showing in the skill window do you still get 100% bonus to mining or is it now 95%?


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    5% exp per 1 + to item. (20+) is permanent 100% xp regardless of level. its on the item not ya levels.


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    OK now prove that to me. Since I believe that it doesn’t stay the same.


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    @interceptor: There’s no loss to rounding, at least in mining; I had occasion to test this specifically while using mining to measure total xp in different skill levels. I got exact xp matching my xp bonus per rock.

    @mallard: I don’t know if xp bonuses from enchants continue past 100 for certain, but I would assume they do. What else happens though is you get less xp overall per level you’ve gained past your maximum skill mastery.

    So if you’ve unlocked skill mastery to 100, but have xp up to 105, this second rule means you will gain less xp (I think it’s 5% less per level, so 25% less at 105, but this is also something I haven’t specifically tested).

    This reduction is multiplicative, so if you’re gaining 1000% xp normally (100%+900% bonus) but have a 25% xp gain reduction in a particular skill there you’re only gaining 750%. And at 20 levels past your skill mastery you cease to gain xp in that skill all together.

    My mining is pretty far past 100 so I only see the xp bar come up for 1xp in mining every 20-25 swings now even though my default xp bonus is 815%. Although I’ve died once or twice since then, so it’s probably faster now again.

    However I can’t rule out your question entirely, since I’m not in a position to test it with any of my characters.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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