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    Lvl 169 USWest
    Posts: 21

    I mined about 10 hours yesterday, but no gold at all. Please check.


    Lvl 50 USEast
    Posts: 4

    Um, you are not going to get gold from black rocks. Youre gonna get it from deserts rocks. Jesus you’re level 119


    Lvl 80 USTexas
    Fallen Knight
    Posts: 328

    Not true, gold can come from black rocks, it’s just rarer. Most of my gold has been from black rocks bc I mostly mine that kind.

    I haven’t mined in weeks tho and haven’t observed this


    Lvl 147 USWest
    Polar Bear
    Posts: 25

    It’s rare, but you can get it from black rocks. It’s not nearly as often as grey, but it happens every so often.


    Lvl 88 Brazil
    Posts: 6

    sim e possivel achar ouro em rochas negras. deve ter algum erro pq eu msm em 2 horas ja peguei 16 gold nas rochas rochas negras. mais quer gold msm melhor lugar e uw e deserto!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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