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    An advanced version of normal active abilities. In order to get them you must read the books of corresponding ability you have. If it’s succesful you get advanced version, If it fails, hmmm maybe loss of that ability to make it more of a late-game stuff. Forgetting the ability isn’t gradually, meaning your ability won’t become normal version if you forget the advanced version when you use it.

    Advanced version of good old Whirlwind, this ability is pretty much the same, but sharper. It causes bleeding debuff which makes the character lose hp over time or something.

    Advanced version of Frostbite, this ability has the same range of your fb but it affects all 4 sides. This would cause unwanted hits sometimes but eh, it’s optional anyways.

    Advanced version of Intimidate, Petrify causes target to stop moving for a limited amount of time, as well as forbiding them from using active abilities. This would be less useful If you’re using this ability for pve though…

    Remedial Rain:
    Advanced version of Healing Rain, this ability heals characters as well as taking a bit of the poison and cures bleeding.

    Advanced version of Dash, this ability let’s you pierce through the target, making them bleed. Pretty useful for getting to people’s bases without getting infamy or dealing damage to multiple targets. Though on a second thought, this advanced ability may be too extreme regarding some situations.

    Spiked Shell:
    Advanced version of Shell, this ability offers protection against damage as well as reflecting %25 of the damage -that was supposed to be dealt, not 0.25 damage per hit-.

    Confusing Motion:
    Advanced version of Disorient, this ability makes the target get confused after changing places, making them move random directions when they try to for several seconds. Or better yet, make them move opposite directions. That would make pvp-ing more coolish, I guess, I ain’t no pvp player lol.

    * Weasen means “sharp” in a cool way, right?


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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