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    Im not kidding, it happen 3 times on eu so far and im lil paranoic about it now 😀
    Accidentaly reinc happen mostly when u use 2 chars and ure tired or lost focus, 1 player accidentaly reinced even twice and 1 last night.
    we had discussion about this on global eu and found few suggestions so ill post 2 best:
    1. Classic confirmation window [are u sure u want to reinc].
    2. command like /reinc that block this char from reincarnate.
    i know that is hard to accidentaly reinc 😀 but possible, maybe anyone got another suggestion how to prevent this “issue :D”


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    my suggestion is after clicking on reincarnate button (how it is today) it will send a message “now you are able to reincarnate, tip /reincarnate to reincarnate”so you should write /reincarnate after pressing the reincarnation button.


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    +1 :’)


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    You know that the reincarnation system already has a double button click in place right? I mean after you click reincarnate you have to again click the button that says “my body is ready” before it reincarnates you…..


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    u rly want to teach me bout reincarnating?

    i SAID that happen on eu- not to me, but i can understand how that happen. sometimes i play 2 accs at once (1 reincer) and once when i was tired almost clicked reinc on ascender.
    i just said that there should be confirmation window that appear when u click reinc. that kind of confirmation could change everything to ppl that accidentaly reinced and quit


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    I think a /reinc option to block it wouldn’t be unreasonable. I think the odds of a mistaken reincarnation is probably pretty rare though, I’ve seen people do it in rage but never heard of someone doing by accident on our server, so, it maybe limited to a few super tired people who are overtasking themselves.


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    Literally me today I was training on a dummy, clicked character to check upgrades, hit lag spike I guess and next thing I know I’m reincarnated.

    I’ve messaged dev about possibly getting this undone but don’t have high hopes.

    But yea a simple /reincarnate off could have prevented it: (


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