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    I like for there to be a sound effect when books breaks, also sound effects when you get the break notification on weapons and armors. Salt for myst bonus as numerous players have mentioned before. Storage chests. there has been mention of decorations for bases in future updates, how are you going to enjoy decorations when your floors are covered with items and glowing altar fodder. Also I think it would be nice to have some type of job/bounty message board in market square. Maybe have some type of fee to reduce flooding from trolls or a time limit as to how many times an IP can post. You could use the message board anywhere with some type of command, such as /message board then type job or bounty and info about it. Gold right out of inventory like with /reroll. Water in the Under Ground would be nice too. Having Underground transport rivers would probably have rafts used more often. When we have the option to decorate our bases mailboxes would be nice. Parchment could show up as anonymous and maybe get used a bit more. Bookcases would be stellar. The bookcase could show how many and what spell books are on the shelf. Maybe creating your own books too for the lulz. A recorded history of your server. Or a satirical story of a rival tribe. The parchment again could be of use in the crafting recipe. New plants for farming, such as wheat. New “building” items like a mill and oven. This way you could create flour and bread or that salmon berry pie that I think was mentioned in the castle. I think the infamy while healing an infamous player should be capped for only a couple mins of infamy. I have a ton of useless little suggestions that would make the game a bit more interesting, at least for me that is.


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    Oven is good for making more complicated food like salmonberry pie and it take less wood (aka more cooking time). And more good if they have more nutrition.
    Wheat seed. Add ‘Wheat Seed” so ppl can make bread.
    Chest. When you interact with chest, it opens up a “chest inventory” window besides “character inventory”. Chest have different types: Wooden Chest [Tier 1], Copper Chest [Tier 2], Bronze Chest [Tier 3], Iron Chest [Tier 4], and Steel Chest [Tier 5]. Each chest can store items up to 12*Tier.

    Limit the damage popup to 6 per character (so a character can make up to 6 damage popup). If theres newer damage popup, the older ones with automatically disappear.
    Shadow. Adds a option to toggle shadow rendering.

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