Cats! New pet cosmetics and bug fixes

You can now find and befriend cats! They work similar to dogs but have different stats. Also you can change your cat or dog’s color by feeding them some mystery meat. If you feed them bigger quantities of mystery meat they can turn into many other things based on the percentage of costumes you’ve unlocked. So you can finally have a giant pet cactus guarding your home! There is still a lot of ongoing content and bug fix work but read on to see what else has changed this month:

  • Fixed abilities appearing to be stuck off cooldown when forgetting an ability
  • Fixed swords and other weapons sometimes not doing damage in certain locations
  • Added an additional confirmation window for reincarnating when you have points in ascension
  • Fixed tall sprites sorting incorrectly behind other sprites in some cases
  • Improved some bad cases of rubber banding like when walking past mobs
  • Prevent people from getting stuck downstairs in places like deep cave
  • Reduced relogging time from an abnormal ‘heartbeat’ disconnection from 1 minute to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed some issues with the leaderboard and https caching on the website
  • Adjusted /report requirements to be slightly less strict

Here are some more details about the pet cosmetics:

You can still use mystery meat to change your dog or cat’s base color even if you have no costumes or are a non-supporter. This requires 1 mystery meat, which can be found in treasure chests and now drops from a few different mobs as well.

Your pet will choose from a random look at different tiers – the more meat you use at a time the bigger and more rare the look (up to 10 meat in one stack). Tier 10 is the largest ‘Guardian’ tier and requires 100% costumes unlocked so you probably wont see an army of giants for some time. You don’t need supporter active to access higher tiers as long as they were unlocked at some point it’s a permanent perk.

Not every costume is available to pets, but most of them are. Remember these are just cosmetic changes, your pet still needs to level stats to become stronger. Cats and dogs turn into different things so it will take some experimentation to find your perfect pet. I have more pet features planned for the future but want to focus on getting out the new content we’ve been working on first.

Remember to report the bugs you find so I can keep fixing them for you. Thanks for your support, have fun! 😀