First UI update ready for testing!

I still need to polish up some things and add in some new features I’m planning (chat channels is a popular request), but I wanted to get this draft version out for testing now: The viewable area now spans the entire width of your device. Chat messages are transparent and fade out over time, but you can still bring it all up and scroll through like normal while the chat field is activated (lock the chat window open with the new /chat toggle command). The action button now shows what you have equipped. The pickup button also shows what you can currently pick up, but is hidden if there’s nothing under you. The main inventory view slides out from the side of the screen (hotkey:tab), but when it’s hidden your first 6 items will show up as quick buttons which automatically use/equip when pressed. Also signs now pop up as a chat balloon. I’m hoping this update will help mobile users especially. More to come!