Wolf Cave, Reduced Gem Costs, Exclusive Costumes

The Wolf Cave is now open as a new leveling area. The Arena Ruins are also accessible above Market Square. This area will be expanded on later, but for now grants access to Wellington and Snowtop Peaks.

Gem costs for smithing have been reduced by up to 80%. Rare costumes will stand out more now as they are collected from a supporter shop. Thanks to Ezekyuhl for designing both new maps and some of the new costumes. We have other maps and costumes that are still in the works. If you think you would be interested in mapping let us know through the contact form. Read on for more details. 

Costumes are now more exclusive with a collection system, to reward bigger supporters and help fund the game. Most costumes will cost a smaller amount of diamonds or gifts to unlock, while others will be a rare sight. Unlocked costumes are permanent and apply to all servers but can only be worn while supporter status is active. A number of new costumes have been added in this patch which will also be used for future mobs.

Gem costs during smithing have been dramatically reduced at higher levels. Two-handed weapon slots have also been adjusted to cost roughly double what two one-handed equips would cost. So before a +5 attack 1-handed weapon would cost 10k gems, now it will cost 2.5k. Normally a +10 exploration ring would cost 10k, now it will cost 2k. A +10 defense hammer would cost 20k, now it costs 5k. A +20 exploration hammer would cost 20k, now it costs 4k. The full cost breakdown will be updated on the guide shortly. This change will be nice for the future altar combination mechanism, not to mention preparing for upcoming hard mobs.

The spindle now has a chance to produce up to 5 times the yarn per wool, based on your knitting level. There are some other little changes for you to discover. I didn’t get everything into this patch that I wanted, but rather than delay things further I’ll just release more updates over time. I have some bug fixes to do, and I’m starting to work on user interface improvements. That should give everyone some more screen space and simplify things for mobile users especially. Thanks for all your support!