Happy New Year, and New Worlds!

The much requested Brazil server has launched, along with a new Seasonal server. The Seasonal server is a fun place for all worlds and tribes to come together and compete. It’s located on the US East coast, and will completely reset every 3 months. The top players may get mentioned in a news post when the season starts over.

There’s been some other changes too. There is a new map south of Market Square that connects to the South Sands Desert. You now get assassin experience for Chaos kills (based off their level like players). You can no longer shoot arrows over cave walls. You can use the new /unstuck command if you find yourself in a rare bind. It takes some time to work so that it wont be abused. You can also swap places with players by using an unarmed knockback when there is no room behind your target.

It’s been very busy over here but I will keep working on new updates and fixes as much as I can. Now that USEast has had a memory upgrade the stability has drastically improved and I can start profiling there again to work on improving lag. USWest may be the next server to get an upgrade. All the people who requested an Asian server, don’t worry – that will probably be the next server to be added. Have fun!