Pumpkin Patch: EU server, AOE repairing and more!

Kaylovespie here! ^_^ Our admin JVH is busy working on server capacity so I will be providing you with the latest changes. We have a new pumpkin head and farmer overalls for the Halloween season. Available to everyone in the appearance menu for a limited time! Added the EU server 😀 It shares account names but has its own stats and items. A separate leaderboard will be put up soon. Added AOE repair feature to the repair kit, which requires repair skill 10+ and flint in your inventory which can drain during AOE repairs.

  • Added bone sword, good for newbie graduates and is the fastest sword.
  • Increased the default chat font size and added the /fontsize # command so you can adjust it (9-16).
  • Added /dpad command so you can turn off and on the directional pad to see more of the chat.
  • Chaos NPC experience has been doubled for now.
  • It’s now harder to lose your starting skill (whirlwind) until you are higher level.
  • Added /upgrade command which lets you convert a personal tower into a tribe shared tower.
  • Added /bchat command which lets you turn off and on broadcast chat.
  • Fixed trading counters so they will not sell any gold padding that is under locks. Now you can completely protect your wares from thieves.
  • The appear and wake up messages now only show when you are near a player. Tribemates logging off or on is now shown in tribe chat.
  • Deaths will only be announced for players level 10+ unless they were murdered.

Taming is still the next big patch coming, but first JVH will be optimizing the servers to better handle all the new players 🙂

Also, big shout out to Ezekyuhl. Not only has he been working hard on mapping some new areas for us Mysterans, he also created our new pumpkin head!