Defense Patch 2: Buffs for Towers, chaos & more

Lots of fun changes. I already made some of this live over the last couple of days. Before I get into it, an exciting milestone I’ve been working towards all year is finally happening: The official mobile app is in early access on the Google Play Store! It’s still being tested and refined but take a look. IOS next. Now for the notes:

  • Newbie Village expanded with a new area ‘Newbie Cave’. Additional spawns added and the level limit has been raised to 15.
  • New Water Sprite NPC: can create water tiles in the underworld. Fishing works on the water tiles and they can be shoveled away (though you might spawn more water sprites!).
  • Reincarnation now grants your earned dust and regenerates your traits, including any new trait slots.
  • Decay for structures above half health is now twice as slow. Road decay reduced as well.
  • Adding onto last defense patch, when a structure is above 90% health it takes 1/4 damage instead of 1/2 damage from being over 50% health.
  • Tower attacks have been modified to give more precision and a penetration bonus vs shields. Their base damage has been reduced but they now get a small increase based on target max hp. This makes them slightly less damaging for newbies and a decent threat against higher level players, while arrows last. Also fixed a bug with targetting.
  • Chaos have been rescaled to be easier when starting out and much more dangerous as they level up. They gain precision, dodge, damage, armor, hp, move speed and attack speed every level. Their level cap has been raised to 150.
  • Roads now work on maps outside of Galebrook to increase move speed.
  • Fishing experience boosted and a cast quality indicator has been added. It gives you a letter grade on how well you performed your cast, affecting the chance fish will bite quickly. The fishing sweet spot in Galebrook moves slower now.
  • Galebrook now gets occasional ‘rains’, that is shallow water will sometimes turn to deep (effect for this coming later).
  • Scholar’s Lens can now see how many days are left on a rented door.
  • Goblins now drop loot, including tinder and clay.
  • Cooking pits are a rare spawn in the underworld now, with 1 use.
  • Whirlwind now has a minimum damage of about 10.
  • Basic swing animation changed to have more star power (improved FPS for mobile).

All the above is subject to change if balance requires it. The arena patch is on hold for a bit as I’m going to finally resume working on the animal farming and monster taming system. This will add a new ‘taming’ skill and help the animal population issues, so look forward to that 🙂 See you in game!