New client patch and daily level bonus

This is a quality of life patch to improve player experience. Let’s jump right into the changes:

  • A daily quest system has been added. Right now there is only one quest: Level up! Every day you do this in a row you will gain a 20% experience bonus, up to 100% max. This helps to incentivise active play and reduce grind. If you miss a day it wont reset, but will go down by 20% instead.
  • When you lose connection or log out you go back to the splash screen with a reconnect button. This is an important change for the mobile release so you don’t have to refresh the page.
  • Now when you are typing a message in normal chat it will show a typing icon above your head (Thanks to EmanResu for the suggestion). It wont show the icon if you are typing a command.
  • The Build button now changes to ‘Craft’ when you have selected an item that will be placed in your inventory instead of constructed in front of you (Thanks Widmo).
  • There are now toggle buttons on the splash screen for music and sound.
  • A slight texture has been added to the UI and the frame and buttons have been improved to make the interface stand out more.
  • Some useful entries have been added to the character stats screen: Myst Refund, Daily Experience Bonus, and Dust Earned (to claim on death). Dust Earned will also show the number of extra trait slots you have waiting for you.
  • Floor tiles with items on them are no longer protected from decay (provided they are next to nature tiles). If the item is blocking like a wall it will still protect the floor tile under it.
  • The underground area now caves in much slower so the rooms and tunnels you dig will stay open longer.
  • A new supporter cloak has been added, the basic cloak is now available for everyone. A new fancy dress has been added for supporters as well.

As my time frees up I’m hoping to start work on the new ‘Arena’ event and finish the snow map as well. See you next patch! 😀