Small Defense Balancing Patch

Thanks to a work project I haven’t been able to finish the bigger things I was planning for next patch, but I wanted to implement some quick changes for now. Some people have pointed out that its hard for less established players to defend their homes. I have ideas for an ‘infamy’ system, but here’s a start:

  • Fixed a bug with locks, your items can be 100% secured again.
  • Towers: cheaper, have +1 attack, +20k hp, and report their last 3 human targets.
  • Destruction damage is halved if the target structure is above 50% health.
  • Destruction damage scales up slowly from low levels until skill level 50 when it scales normally. This means new characters or alts will be less effective at destroying walls without a big time investment.
  • Chaos can now destroy crops, trees, and interactive structures.
  • Chaos can remain in the underground for a longer time and can dig.
  • Dogs wont attack humans in newbie village.
  • Bowman’s scarf is now knitted.