Market Square is open with houses and shops for rent! Also new iron armors.

Market Square is finally open. It’s located between Crossroads and Galebrook. If you don’t like maintenance you can pay gold to rent properties that can’t be broken into and don’t need repair. Some of them have beds which is nice for staying on the leaderboards. Note that you can use the /allow command on a gate you own to authorize tribemates to use it. Also other people can pay your gold rent at the door. Extra gold will be refunded.

Iron Plate Mail has been added as a new heavy armor, and Iron Chain Mail is a new medium armor.

The website now shows avatars using the new appearance system (if you log in through the site) and fixed an issue with name coloring.

My earlier changes which were posted on the forums: There is now access to the underworld from the snake pit. When you get a runed item it will have an asterisk(*) in its name.

Many changes still to come!