Balance Patch: New myst categories and dust system

Balance patches usually follow big updates but this is quite a patch in itself. Changelog below:

  • New myst category: Moving Target (+5% dodge chance)
  • New myst category: Ascension (+5 to level cap)
  • Equipment level requirements have been improved. Weapon class is now factored in and runes/gems don’t have quite as much impact.
  • Scholar now gives a whopping 20% experience bonus and has been re-scaled to have a more linear cost. Lower levels will be a bit slower and middle to later levels have been sped up.
  • Ancient runes now give 10% experience bonus per level.
  • Shield block has been increased and now there is a 20% chance to train it when not blocking, at all levels.
  • Angel Dust gain has been reworked: Now in addition to your level it takes time alive into account. If you have survived for a number of days or weeks you will see large dust numbers when you die, with your level as a multiplier. Time alive only increases when your character is in game (including sleeping in a bed).
  • Each myst category now has its own upgrade cost curve to smooth out progression more.
  • Cleaned up some of the text that new characters see when first entering the game.

Plenty more balance patches ahead I’m sure. Thank you all for your feedback, testing, and patience. There is still a lot in the works behind the scenes, and in a little over a month the game will be a year old! I don’t think we will be out of alpha by then but we are inching closer to a more mature release. See you next patch!